Photograph by Rachel Gordon

Abraham Adams (b. 1985, Virginia, US) is an American artist primarily working in conceptual photography. Drawing on marginal imagery and display infrastructure, his series address the conceptual and physical frames that prepare the scene of looking.

His artwork has been exhibited in the US and Germany and published as various books, including Ambulance Chasers (MIT Press, 2022, with a text by David Joselit) and Nothing in MoMA (Punctum Books, 2018). A former Lecturer at the Rhode Island School of Design and a graduate of Hampshire College (BA, Poetics and Rhetoric, 2009) and Brown University (MFA, Literary Arts, 2020), he is a current MA student in Photography at the Royal College of Art.

Time Farm is a studio advancing projects that investigate conditions of belief about selfhood, personhood, and the structure of experience as manifest in vernacular modes of reading and creating images.

“How to cultivate time rather than merely bank or speculate on it? What would the temporal equivalent of animal husbandry be; a kind of ecology of time appropriate for an era in which attention functions as a kind of currency?” —David Joselit on Time Farm