Ambulance Chasers (MIT Press, 2022). A series of fifty diptychs: on the left, a close-up on the face of a personal-injury lawyer on a US roadside billboard; on the right, the landscape the billboard is facing, captured by rotating the camera 180º. A text by art historian David Joselit accompanies the series on facing pages, and the book concludes with a long conversation between Adams and Joselit.

“Strange, provocative, unique, opaque—to say the least—but also strong and enigmatic, Ambulance Chasers makes an important statement about the visual landscape of twenty-first-century America.” 
—Shelley Rice, New York University

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Review at the Society for the Anthropology of Work

Nothing in MoMA (Punctum Books, 2018). A series captured in areas of the Museum of Modern Art where no artworks, written language, or people were present. With a preface by David Joselit.

Review at PIN-UP Magazine

Before (Inpatient Press, 2016, out of print). A collection of found “before and after” diptychs with “after” panels removed.