After, 2023, from “After,” 2022–, wood, digital photograph, 210 × 120 cm. A series of frame works that take their boundary shapes from marks in a 1961 mescaline drawing by Henri Michaux; inside the frames are details of found photographs, including pictures taken by my paternal great-grandparents.

After, 2022, from “After,” 2022–, MDF, spray paint, digital photograph, 35 × 86 cm.

Tony the Drunk Is a Thief, 2020, acrylic on plywood, 3 × 6". Replica of a roadside sign from the rural US.

My Dark-Blue Rain-Drenched Flower, 2015, installation. Wireless printer, printing James Joyce’s Ulysses one full-page letter at a time. Commission by Knockdown Center, New York. Watch on Vimeo here.

Homage to Michael Asher: Installation for a Photograph, with Karin Schneider, 2014, installation, Galerie Barbara Weiss, in “No Games Inside the Labyrinth” curated by John Miller. Elements of the installation include: adhesive print of a digital photograph depicting art handlers deinstalling a Dan Graham “Pavilion”; suspended commerative dinnerplate in the style of John Knight with an ellipse sand-blasted from its center; durationally installed masking tape in the horizontal positions of the vertical lines in Barnett Newman’s Vir Heroicus Sublimis (1950–51), extended to cover walls and floor; original, loaned Andy Warhol Marilyn print, displayed face-down on the floor; photograph by John Miller captured from the position of the Warhol, not exhibited.

All works © Abraham Adams, 2023.